Our team

Our team at MiVolunteer is made up of workers who all willingly devote their time to this charity. We're grateful to all of our workers for their outstanding efforts.

Iqra Saeed


Hello, I'm Iqra, a Marketer at MiVolunteer. I plan to study nursing at University and am I also plan to go to one of the biggest colleges in the country, Canada. I love being an employee at MiVolunteer and I definitely love volunteering! I would love to see you at our events, campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and more! 🤗

Alina Anwer

General Manager | Marketer

Hi, my name is Alina Anwer. I am a Marketer at MiVolunteer. The Mississauga and GTA Relief Initiative is an amazing foundation that I am glad I came through. I love working here, as all the staff are very loving and kind.

Daniyaal Saeed Bangash


Welcome, KhushAmDeed, to our website. My name is Daniyaal, and I am a Canadian-Pakistani. I love being involved in charity work, and I would love to see you all at campaigns and events this year. Also, if you see me at an event, don’t hesitate to say "Hello!" 😁

Sannah Saeed Khan

Executive Director

My name is Sana Saeed. I am on my way to complete a Master's in Sociology. I aim to study Human Resources shortly, and I hope to join the flight services. I have strong beliefs in equality, faith in God, and believing in yourself. My favourite quote is "Service to Humanity is Service to God." - Abdu'l Baha

Aman Haider

Volunteer Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Aman Haider and I am a Volunteer Coordinator. I'm originally from the U.S. but moved here to Canada. I also like to help people so if you see me anywhere, don't be shy to say "Hi!". 😁  

Cassidy Wilcox

Volunteer Coordinator

Hey, my name is Cassidy Wilcox, a Volunteer Coordinator at MiVolunteer. I am currently a High School student who’s on her way to pursuing Emergency Telecommunications. I look forward to working with you all and don’t hesitate to say "hello" if you see me! 🤗

Tejpal Gill


Greetings. I'm Tejpal Gill, the Secretary at MiVolunteer. I am greatly looking forward to future events, campaigns, and volunteering opportunities to meet you all and build a connection. 🤗