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MiTutor is a virtually-based service providing 1-1 tutoring for students in Ontario.

We seek motivated individuals who meet the standard requirements that include specific qualifications, useful skills, and duties required for Volunteer Tutor's role.

Expectations and Responsibilities
Tutors will be matched with a student between Kindergarten-Grade 9 with whom they will meet for 2-3 hours online on a scheduled weekly basis to assist with academics and help the student stay connected during a time of social isolation.
Tutors running group sessions will either be matched with siblings and meet regularly or facilitate drop-in group sessions when needed.
All tutors are expected to help students based on their needs and Personal Learning Profile, including homework help, worksheets, or reading a book together.
All tutors must be willing to assist students with unique experiences, backgrounds, and learning abilities. Most of our youth may come from at-risk circumstances, are newcomers, or have diagnosed learning conditions.
Tutors are expected to run their tutoring sessions to not only be structured and academically focused, but as well as fun, supportive, and interactive.

Job Description
•  Support students between the grade of Kindergarten-Grade 9 with their academics with virtual 1-1 tutoring or group tutoring sessions via Google Meet.
Commit at least 2-3 hours a week or more for the entire academic year.
Focus on subject areas such as Reading, Math, Science, English, French, and History.
Learn the student's learning style to facilitate tutoring sessions.
Help the student enjoy learning by making sessions fun and engaging.
Balance academics with social bonding through timing out focused studying and activity breaks to feel connected and supported.
Provide session summaries and feedback through Google Forms to track student's progress.

In Grade 10 or higher; can also be graduated from High School
Must have access to the internet, a computer, and headphones to run tutoring sessions
Must enjoy working with children and youth.
Respectful, honest, enthusiastic, patient, and encouraging.
Demonstrated knowledge of at least one elementary or high school subject such as
Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies, History, Geography, or French.
Must provide proof of grades
Knowledge of another foreign language (not required)
Experience using Google Meet and Google Drive.
Experience Tutoring or teaching. (not required)

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