Staying safe, together as a community.

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Step 1

An initial focus on resuming outdoor activities with smaller crowds where the risk of transmission is lower, and permitting retail with restrictions. This includes:

outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people
outdoor dining with up to four people per table
non-essential retail at 15% capacity 

Step 2

Further expanding outdoor activities and resuming limited indoor services with small numbers of people and with face coverings being worn. This includes:

outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people
outdoor sports and leagues
overnight camps
personal care services where face coverings can be worn and with capacity limits
indoor religious services, rites or ceremony gatherings at 15% capacity 

Step 3

Expanding access to indoor settings, with restrictions, including where there are larger numbers of people and where face coverings can’t always be worn. This includes:

indoor sports and recreational fitness
indoor dining
museums, art galleries and libraries
casinos and bingo halls with capacity limits 

MiVolunteer will continue with a limit of ten people in-person volunteer opportunities, in-person events, and charity works starting June 14, 2021, and is subject to change these rules without notice. 

Ten (10) person gatherings at MiVolunteer will continue until July 4, 2021, which would be the date Ontario is set to increase gatherings to twenty-five (25) people. At this date, we hope to continue our bigger volunteer opportunities and events which are the MiEnvironment Park Cleanups and NHN Initiative activities.

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