About us

Who are we?
The Mississauga and GTA Relief Initiative (MiVolunteer) is a charitable non-profit organization, established to provide the citizens of the GTA with volunteer and charity services that will give them an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge about their diverse community and help with poverty relief. We are an organization that aims to eliminate discrimination and prejudice by bringing volunteers from different backgrounds to work together as a sole team and work with different organizations to end homelessness. Here at MiVolunteer, we strive to prevent poverty around the world which is why we do campaigns and international charity work.

Our full name is: The Mississauga and GTA Relief Initiative, Inc.
We are known by: MiVolunteer


As a socially responsible service provider, we endeavor to reach out to as many people as we can serve. To do this, we take great strides to ensure our staff are well-trained and provide help through meaningful activities that will improve the quality of lives of those who are in need and empower them to better themselves. We encourage volunteering for those who also want to offer social services, and we are also open to working with people who will like to help in ways beyond physical volunteering.

To provide the citizens of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) with various services consisting of volunteers, environmental activities, workshops, and charity events/campaigns by collaborating with reputable organizations and volunteers. We want our world to have all the services they need to have better future opportunities and services. We aim to connect our team to different organizations while maintaining to meet their organization requirements. The Mississauga and GTA Relief Initiative also aims to provide the means to build lives of integrity, equality and prosperity for a more sustainable environment for the most vulnerable populations.

The Mississauga and GTA Relief Initiative believes in diverse values, attitudes, and activities, and that all peoples' financial, economic, and linguistic needs should be addressed in the services and services they need. Such needs are central to ensuring access to and involvement by our communities at all stages of our mission-based programs, events, campaigns, and organizations.